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Taxing idea

Talk about tone-deaf. In these time of rapid inflation and carbon tax oppression, our city council is thinking about increasing property taxes nearly eight percent. It is hard to express my displeasure without swearing. Remember folks, we voted in this bunch of out-of-touch clowns because the other guy didn’t get along well with others.

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(It all adds up to a lot of displeasure.)

Bloc sticks it to Canadians

Make no mistake. Canada is a divided country as proven by the recent vote in Parliament where the Bloc supported the Liberals so as to keep the carbon tax on home heating fuel for the rest of Canadians. Yet, it is Quebec, represented by the Bloc, that relishes the transfer of cash from Western provinces. In my mind, the biggest mistake Canadians ever made was begging Quebec to stay in Confederation.


(It’s a sad irony.)

Brain crickets

Does anyone remember a time when MPs actually represented their constituents? I’ve been roaming around this earth for 54 years now, and I can’t recall a time that has actually happened. Nothing comes to mind. Brain crickets. Speaking of brain crickets, does it surprise anyone that George Chahal and Randy Boissonnault voted against giving Albertans, the very people they represent, a break on their heating bills. In doing so, I’m hoping they’ve sealed their political fates with this direct snub to all Albertans.

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(MPs representing their constituents should be the norm.)

No time for Tucker

Could we please have a premier who focuses on the real issues and real priorities of all Albertans? Hosting an event with a conspiracy theorist and reality denier does nothing more than embarrass our province further. Tucker Carlson has no business coming here to further spew his hateful, toxic rhetoric that has no benefit to Albertans other than to cause more division and falsehoods. Proof that Jason Kenny was actually right, the lunatics have taken over the asylum, er government.


(We’ll have to wait and see what happens in January.)

Beginning of the end?

Re: Flames bench Jonathan Huberdeau In third period of comeback win over Predators. Could this be the beginning of the end for Huberdeau in Calgary or is this hockey franchise giving him a chance to shape up or ship out? After all, No. 10 isn’t exactly earning peanuts with the Flames, is he now!


(Hopefully it was just a wake-up call.)

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