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Every Albertan knows we need to fix health care. Premier Danielle Smith and the UCP say they have a plan to do just that. Predictably, Rachel Notley and her NDP mealy mouthed minions are outraged. The NDP had four years to fix health care when they were in power and they failed. Their prescription now is simply to spread fear and loathing of all things UCP. That’s no solution. Albertans deserve better.

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Kerry Diotte

(They are there to oppose.)

Canada legally bound by carbon promises

I just read another piece about the carbon tax and why it’s unfair and useless. I think there are a lot of Canadians who are ignorant about global efforts to reduce carbon emissions. As one of the 197 signatories of the Paris Agreement, we are legally bound to work to reduce emissions and will need to start reporting our results next year. This is what conservative leaders like Poilievre and Moe don’t tell you.

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Tamara Aspeling

(This doesn’t mean there aren’t problems with the carbon tax, including the recent carve-out for heating oil.)

Former Bank of Canada boss Mark Carney out of touch

Re “Carney questions carbon tax break” (CP, Nov. 1): Mark Carney has demonstrated how out of touch the former central banker is with reality. He supports the removal of the carbon tax on home heating oil, but he says Canadians should stick with predictable climate policies. So, let’s look at a few things this mathematical genius overlooks: The carbon tax impacts the operation of boats for fishermen, the operation of barns and facilities for dairy and poultry farmers, operation of farm equipment and trucks, packaging and manufacturing operations, on and on, carbon tax impacts every single step of the food processing, distribution and retail chain supply. These carbon taxes impact daily business operations while increasing costs of every single item that families need, which in the end impacts the daily cost of living. But yeah, let Canadians continue to pay the carbon tax to support the Liberal government’s failure every year to disastrously miss their own carbon reduction targets. Carney is rumoured to be a possible future Liberal leadership candidate, and stated he would look for different ways to provide financial support to Canadians other than the current Liberal government’s chosen path. Well, Carney, show us your leadership and progressive thinking, giving us just one concept of change that would improve the current financial stress. So far, all Carney has shown is that if he becomes the next Liberal Party leader, it would be the same old predictable stuff we see from the current leader, nothing new here, folks, more of don’t worry the budget will balance itself.

Michael McNutt

(Carney gave the predictable response from anyone considering a run to be the next Liberal leader.)

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