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What’s with all the whining?

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Why are the older people always complaining about our city council? Aren’t they doing a good job for the city of Calgary? When the next election is 2025 the older people should go down to their councilors town hall open house and listen to the people who are running in their area., So older people quit complaining. City council is doing their job.

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(Why do you think it’s just older people? Many younger people are also unhappy with city hall.)

Keep our money in Canada

Stop spending my money, Trudeau! Once again he is geared up to send a small fortune to Gaza. How much is he sending to Israel? Nothing, right? Probably didn’t think of that. People of Canada get rid of the Liberals!


(Sending aid to people in need is a worthy cause. They have wasted money in many worse ways.)

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Pension problems

Question for CPP: why does it take so long to get the CPP you are due? It is now 7 months past due for me and when you call them they say that’s about right. How is that acceptable? Their website says the maximum is 4 months but we are now entering an 8 month wait. One year before my birthday I got a letter saying I will receive my CPP in exactly 12 months. If this was a business the BBB would give them an F rating. They would be out of business!


(Sadly, when the feds are involved, this is about the service level we have all come to expect.)

Record setting team

As a long time Calgary Flames fan and former season ticket holder, I can honestly say this is the worst Calgary Flames team ever!


(We think a columnist may have seen this coming when coaching changes were made.)

Just not doing the job

Our PM appears to like listening to the sound of his own voice as much as he likes looking at his own photo-op image. Unfortunately neither of these two seem to work. They do not put Canada or Canadians first, at home or on the world stage. They only serve his ego and his pursuit of votes and have no substance as they should from the leader of a once great and respected nation.


(Hopefully the voting public hears you and chooses a different party on the next federal ballot.)

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