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Use some common sense

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So residents of Calgary, who are already having a difficult time making ends meet, are expected by our useless mayor and clowncil of shouldering more of the property tax burden from businesses. Instead of demanding this draconian measure, why don’t they consider doing away with the business tax, which is a double whammy for businesses, as it is based on the square footage of the business. Sounds like common sense to me, which is sadly lacking with this group.

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(Who would make up for that loss of income? This plan sounds very expensive for homeowners.)

Paused tax a cheap trick

Considering the Axe the Tax Conservative push which would be equal for all Canadians, the Liberal pause on carbon tax on home heating oil, largely benefitting one traditionally Liberal region of Canada while ignoring others, reminds me of George Orwell’s book Animal Farm. I am paraphrasing but –  We are all Canadians, but some of us are more Canadian than others. Hopefully Atlantic Canada won’t fall for this cheap trick.

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(You aren’t alone on this thought. Read on, Paul.)

Please see through this 

PM Trudeau’s recent announcement to suspend the carbon tax on home heating oil. Now, we know that Trudeau’s much vaunted concern for the environment is a façade. If his concern for the environment was real and genuine he would not have paused the carbon tax, but the Liberals are sinking in the polls in Atlantic Canada. PM Trudeau hopes this suspension of the carbon tax will rally Maritime voters to his side, my only hope is that they see through Trudeau’s sleight of hand and realize that if Trudeau is re-elected in October of 2025 that the carbon tax will come back with a vengeance and the reimplementation will be brutal and harsh. 


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(Buying votes is an age-old trend for all politicians. The question is, can Atlantic Canadians be bought so easily?)

Pension plan could sink UCP

Re: UCP Set To Introduce Alberta Pension Protection Act

Am I a lone wolf thinking like this? But, it seems that Danielle Smith is trying her best to ram this Alberta Pension Plan down Albertans’ throats, whether they like it or not. There is just too much at risk. There seems to be mounting opposition at the premier’s plans coming from both sides of the fence. As I see it, the premier is wading into very deep waters. Let’s hope she knows how to swim.


(It has gotten less support than they clearly expected.)

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