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The Supreme Courts ruling that the Feds environmental assessment act is unconstitutional is a big win for Alberta. So why isn’t Rachel Notley delighted and congratulating Daniel Smith? Do you think the NDP would have preferred to see the judgement go against Alberta just to make Daniel Smith look bad? If so, then you now realize what the NDP really thinks of Alberta’s workers and energy-related industries. Given Notley’s lack of support, one must also ask if the NDP were in power would they ever have challenged Trudeau or Environmental Minister Guilbeault, let alone fight Bill C69? You know they wouldn’t. I exhale a deep breath and thank Daniel Smith and the UCP for fighting for Alberta and indeed for the other provinces. It was Alberta’s conservatives who spearheaded this appeal. No doubt Trudeau and Guilbeault will try to sugar-coat this, but good sense and the provinces have won.

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(It is a big win for Alberta, but it seems premature to assume the feds are done trying to interfere with our industries.)

Fixing City Hall

I have two solutions that won’t cost much for the Calgary taxpayer. My solution is to give councillors, senior and junior bureaucrats a laminated card with the Golden Rule written on it. If anyone needs a refresher, it goes: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Oh, wait a minute, that’s a Christian ethic and council won’t be able to spend any taxpayer money on virtue signalling. My second solution is to have the participants pay for it themselves.


(This could actually work! We pay them enough, maybe if it was off their cheques more thought would go into policies.)

Civilians should all matter

It is sad to see the double standard by which we treat innocents in the Israel-Palestine conflict. When the innocent civilians are Israeli, it is easy to recognize them and call out the horrible attacks upon them. However, when the innocent civilians are Palestinian, then there are myriad excuses for why they should die for the crimes of Hamas. Remember that there are innocent human beings on both sides of this conflict. Palestinian civilians are human too.


(The loss of lives on both sides of the conflict is tragic.)

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