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I’d say that the general corporate mainstream news-media’s ‘coverage’ of the Israel-Palestinian conflict in particular reveals how ethically challenged they’ve allowed themselves to become. This includes their reporting on the current violence as well as their non-reporting on the consequential anti-Palestinian social injustices that continue in between every military flareup over decades of Israeli occupation. Palestinian suffering and deaths in their entirety need to matter to us as much as that of Israelis. Apparently they haven’t.

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(This is a tragedy no matter how you look at it.)


So, poor Justin, after he thought he had the Supreme Court justices in his back pocket, found out (Friday) he had overstepped with his Bill C-69, which for the past six years has caused Alberta and Canada billions of dollars in revenues and the loss of thousands of jobs in the energy sector. Trudeau, do the right thing for Canada, step down, call an election, and give the next government a chance to repair the damage you have done to our once-great country.

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(People are clamouring for him to step down.)

Kenney’s legacy

Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights) is a song by Canadian musician Pat Travers from the late 1970s. Nobody knew then he was talking about the Liberal Bill C-69, which was defeated by the Supreme Court of Canada on Friday. Without their decision, it would have been lights out for Alberta and any other Canadian province in determining their own way to develop their natural resources without interference from Ottawa. This decision will be former Alberta premier Jason Kenney’s greatest achievement. Thanks Jason.


(And to think he was ousted by his own party.)

Cult of city council

(Re: Bylaw tweaks suggest yearly anti-racism training for Calgary councillors.) So, based on this, councillors representing Calgarians might be forced to drink the WOKE Kool-Aid annually? So much for individuality being allowed in Calgary city council anymore. Everybody will be forced to march to one drum beat now, just like puppets, robots or members of a religious cult.


(Individuality was already pretty rare within council chambers. Besides, we all could probably use a refresher course now and then.)

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