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Poppy continues to have meaning

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The Poppy on Remembrance Day symbolizes remembrance and hope for a peaceful future while the words  Lest We Forget are a reverence for the sacrifices of the men and women who served Canada. The Ukraine and Israel-Gaza wars hopefully will awaken our politicians to the realization we always need a well funded military. Our Armed Forces have a legacy of sacrifice, bravery and heroism for over 100 years and a reputation of being the best attacking allied troops on the western front. That should never be forgotten!

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(Here, here!)

Axe the carbon tax

The story of the day continues to be the dreaded Trudeau carbon tax. We know how it affects each and every one of us. I own a small low margin business. Last month (October) the carbon charge portion of my natural gas invoice was $1,500, or 36%, of the total invoice. Ironically, that was more than the actual gas charges (30%). For the first 10 months of this year, I have paid approximately $12,000 of this unnecessary tax. For small businesses, this tax in many cases could determine profitability or not. Poilievre will win the next election so let’s just hope he keeps his promise to “Axe the Tax.”

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(The harm the tax is doing can be felt by all Albertans.)


I read this morning that at a recent protest in Calgary anti-Israel activists held signs calling for Jews to go to Auschwitz. I thought: this cannot be true. Some uncaring and demonizing individuals are calling Jews to be burned in ovens again. This is not what we Canadians are about. I am totally disgusted with these protesters. Have any of you ever visited the concentration camps in Europe? Well, I have been to Dachau in Germany and Theresienstadt in Chechia. It was devastating to me and my wife. Auschwitz was the worst camp from what I have read.


(Agreed, this is not OK behaviour for anyone.)

Sleazy salesman

I would not buy a thing from Mr. Champagne. First it was lower prices by Thanksgiving followed by stabilized prices and then it will be weeks or months before we see lower prices. Is this a sleazy salesman? Tone from the top. Unfortunately the world keeps serving up headline changers for the Liberals behind which to hide. I take great comfort in Canada standing with Israel against this terrorism. I only ask, with what?


(Out military has been left without proper funding for far too long.)

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