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Unions won’t help taxpayers

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Re: “Stop and start fixing it”, letter, Nov. 14 

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One thing you can count on, Tom Burns, is that the public unions are neither interested nor will they be a part of the solution of our decrepit health-care system. For them it always has been the more the merrier, no matter the cost to the taxpayer.

AMA President Dr. Paul Parks has brought his health-care system concerns to the UCP, and its pertinent decision makers, by the way.

This renaissance of our health-care is based on real expert’s advice. The politicians are just executing the new vision.


(We hope you are right. Lives are literally on the line.)

Show us the mugs

Where are the surveillance pictures of this and every other shooting in the past week? These pictures are around and should be plastered on the front page of every Calgary news cycle till the suspects are identified. RCMP, CPS let’s find these murderers and apprehend them please! The public can help if you release all photo evidence immediately.

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(We will share everything we learn about these horrible crimes.)

Federal cost cutting

I read the article regarding costs cutting as proposed by Mrs Anand, with $500 million to be cut by reducing consulting charges, travel costs ETC. Here are other commodities that can be cut!

Get rid of the Senate, get rid of all Governors, get rid of CBC, get rid of housing allowances for all MPs, get rid of food allowances for all MPs, and reduce the number of black vans that follow our PM.


(Some of those are solid ideas, doubt any Liberals care though.)

Bravo, Mike

Way to go Mike! To sum it up, home-grown talent was rewarded through years of hard-work in the crease and a God-given talent. Thumbs-up to No. 30 – Mike Vernon!



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