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Stop complaining and start fixing it

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Regarding healthcare reforms: We have heard over and over from the president of the Alberta Medical Association how bad, awful, dreary, ineffective, inefficient our system is. The list goes on and on. However, what we don’t hear from Dr. Parks are any practical suggestions on how to fix the problems. It is so easy to sit back and complain when you’re not the one who has to make the necessary changes happen. Like many clients of the system I think it has to change, and change drastically. AHS must be refocused on the clients, not just for those working in this (supposed) service. One would hope that the doctors and nurses’ unions would want to be part of the solution. Taxpayers, we can only hope. 

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(We should hope unions will participate in fixing our broken health care system.)

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Why do so many care about Carlson?

There’s a lot of hand-wringing and pearl clutching by the self-appointed defenders of democracy that Premier Smith will have conversation with Tucker Carlson. Progressives view Carlson as a threat to their carefully crafted worldview and they ignore the challenge to debate, but instead only offer insults and denunciations. As for myself I am indifferent to the meeting and I’d feel the same way if Smith met with left-leaning media personalities Rachel Maddow or Anderson Cooper. 


(Maybe she can line up something with those guys.)

Why outsourced the work?

I read in the Nov. 10 SUN that the city has awarded contracts to two firms for the Olympic Plaza revamp. One from Toronto, the other from Montreal. Apparently, they beat out 24 other bids. My question,  seemingly quite often, is this: Why does it seem so hard for the City of Calgary to award large money contracts, in this case, $40 million, to any firms in our once fine city? Why does the city seemingly always give contracts to firms from outside our city? Or province for that matter. It makes no sense.


(For once city hall went with the least expensive option, we can’t complain too much about that.)

Tired of taxes

Billions in a rainy-day fund. I guess the city has to raise taxes to increase that fund. Pretty easy to throw money around and be wasteful if you have a taxpayer cash cow.


(Wouldn’t it be nice for them to prioritize making our lives less expensive for once?)

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