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(Re: If more tax shifts to residential, Calgary households could see almost 8% increase.) Liberal-driven governments, whether civic, provincial or federal, love spending money and raising taxes at the blink of an eyeball. Fiscal responsibility and accountability seems to be never part of their vocabulary or mindset. Our spend-thrift politicians seem to have a twisted view of the taxpayers as having deep pockets?

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(Taxpayers are hurting more than ever at present.)

Thanks for nothing

Hey George, why did you vote against the Conservative motion to axe the carbon tax for our riding of Calgary SkyView? Your colleague, Gudie Hutchins, said the prairies needed to vote more Liberals into parliament so our interests would be represented, but we voted you in and you have failed to properly represent us! We are your constituents and we will now have to pay hundreds of dollars more this winter to pay your carbon tax! As a senior on a fixed income, I cannot afford it! And I would add, neither can the many new Canadian residents and their families in this riding who are struggling desperately to make ends meet! The natural gas we use in Calgary Skyview and the rest of Alberta is our only heating option and it is a much cleaner fuel than the oil used in the Atlantic provinces, so what rationale can you provide us for not voting to scrap the tax for all Canadians and especially not to scrap it for your constituents in Calgary SkyView? I naively expect an answer on your reasoning for this betrayal of our trust, George, but I am fairly certain that I will hear crickets from you on your gutless decision!

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(It was a bad look.)

Things will escalate

Re “Hate on display” (Joe Warmington, Nov. 3) I truly regret to say this, but if this country does not start enforcing its anti-hate speech laws, and if our weak-principled prime minister continues to dance around the hate being exhibited online, in classrooms, and in organized protests, I sadly predict a Canadian Kristallnacht as the next step of escalation in this whole, disgusting affair. Where are our hard-fought Canadian principles, where is our leadership to protect those principles?


(When is it going to be enough for the likes of our so-called political leaders to take a firm position and denounce the hate spilling onto our streets? And yes, start enforcing the laws we have on the books.)

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