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The Trudeau government has moved far beyond the original intentions for allowing medically assisted suicide (MAID) as it keeps expanding those eligible to opt out of living.Originally, the intention was so those in excruciating pain and incurable diseases could be able to end their lives peacefully. At one point the Trudeau government even suggested to military vets suffering PTSD that they could choose MAID as an option! Now there is even consideration to allowing those with anorexia, drug addiction and homelessness to have access to MAID! Canada is now one of the world leaders in MAID! In 2021, 10,064 deaths in Canada was due to MAID and the number keeps escalating annually! I cannot think of anything scarier than having the Trudeau government playing God, deciding who can end their lives! This was always going to be a very dangerous policy, especially in the hands of this government.

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(The ethical questions on this particular issue was always going to be a delicate discussion.)

Break away

I am one of many Albertans who have a continuous disdain for the federal regime. The inept Singh-Trudeau coalition is slowly ruining this country. I hope that we can eventually break away from our chains and leave Confederation. I am not ecstatic about the current polls that indicate that the floundering Liberals will be replaced. I can see a surprise merger of the NDP and the Liberals to ensure there is never a Conservative government in our lifetime.


(Separation is not the answer.)

Trudeau turned his back on vets

On Nov. 11, we will have the opportunity to recognize the sacrifices of our veterans. As one who served, I can tell you these acts of remembrance mean a lot to our service personnel. I feel the Liberal government’s reduction in military spending is shameful. To think that Justin Trudeau will seek recognition for attending Remembrance Day is upsetting. Therefore, I would ask all veterans who attend the ceremonies in Ottawa to turn your backs on Trudeau. After all, he has turned his back on you.


(The strongest message to send to Trudeau is defeating the Liberals in the next election)

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