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The PM’s announcement (about pausing the carbon tax on home heating oil) proved that the tax was always more about virtue signalling and grabbing our cash than having a positive impact on the environment and climate change. If the tax was truly intended to have positive environmental outcomes, then the more environmentally friendly electricity and natural gas would be the fuels given preferential financial incentives. The hypocrisy of the home heating fuel tax break is obscene. The entire carbon tax policy is a scam or we would never reward the worst environmental offenders to continue polluting for three more years.

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(Smart government policy will always be our preference over a tax that punishes Canadians.)

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One foot out the door

(Re: Zadorov requests trade from Flames.) Unhappy campers will never perform at their best … regardless. Usually, in the real world, they update their CVs as a start to move to greener pastures. But, on occasions, they are already standing in greener pastures and moving to new surroundings can back-fire for them.


(Wonder if the Flames’ recent success has him reconsidering his request.)

Forgotten war

What happened to the reporting of the war in Ukraine? All the media are so focused on the tragedy that is Gaza. Though this conflict could expand and cause greater concern for the world, the forgotten war with Russia seems nowhere to be seen in the Canadian and American press. Historically Putin is taking his playbook from Hitler and Stalin and the world leaders are copies of Neville Chamberlain.


(Sad times when wars deserve more coverage.)

No national party

Since there are no candidates in any other part of Canada fielded by the Bloc, I feel very strongly that they are at best only a provincial party and should never have been allowed to become part of our Ottawa parliament. I have no objections to them running candidates across the country as a truly federal party. If any party wants to be a federal entity, the rules should be amended to require candidates in all the provinces.


(Food for thought.)

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