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Justin Trudeau has stripped our military bare. He has stripped it of funds, equipment and homes. Those serving in faraway places use planes, ships, guns and other necessary equipment that are all antiquated, inoperable or non-existent. The Liberal government is incapable and unwilling to procure new ones. This government has brought in policies that have stripped those serving of the pride they have always shared in being part of the Canadian military. Young men and women no longer see a career serving our country. I was insulted that Mr. Trudeau was even invited to participate in the Remembrance Day ceremony. I believe he had no place there. He should have arranged to be out of the country or on holiday on some faraway beach.

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(Our soldiers deserve better.)

Peace, love, understanding

I have no time for organized religion and have never had the ability or interest in identifying people I meet by their religious beliefs. It’s a non-issue for me. In my view, the vast majority of armed conflict in human history has had its roots somewhere in religion. For me, it’s simple. You approach and treat me with respect, that’s what you get in return. Any new person I meet or have interaction with, I immediately treat them with respect, kindness and politeness. Being polite seems to be lost on the younger generation but that doesn’t change how I approach them. I would agree with one religious tenet — treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. If everyone lived by that principle, we’d all be better off.

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(Good that you practise what you preach)

Travel weary

Over the years, when Canadians travelled abroad, they would put on their clothing or luggage a small pin or decal showing the Canadian flag. It was a badge of honour and was warmly acknowledged wherever one visited. Sadly, with the ongoing actions of Prime Minister Trudeau, over his many missteps, he has embarrassed Canada many times. It is shameful for what he has done in lowering the image of our country.


(Heads are hanging lower every day.)

Sinking feeling

Canadians are abandoning the Sunny Ways SS Trudeau aka The Liberal Titanic. It cannot sink fast enough to save Canada.


(Liberals should walk the plank.)

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