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In Rick Bell’s column on Nov. 8, he quotes Take Back Alberta founder David Parker as saying: “I don’t care if they’re an MLA. I don’t care if they’re a cabinet minister. I don’t care if they’re the chief of staff. I don’t care if they’re Rob Anderson (who heads up the premier’s office) or the premier herself. If they don’t respect democracy, they will have me to deal with.” Democracy I take it, meaning David Parker, who did not run for election anywhere. Ah yes: Freedom for me (Parker), but not for thee.

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(The Take Back Alberta types certainly appear to be riding high of late.)

Flames not so hot

There’s a noticeable lack of interest in the Calgary Flames of late. Perhaps it’s time they move out of the city. I’ve always posted pro-Flames opinions because they do so much in the community. An NHL team is definitely an asset in any city. That being said, there’s definitely a lack of interest in this ownership. They’ve let the players dictate coaches. GM with no experience … coaches with no experience. Calgary is now the Johnstown Chiefs from Slap Shot.

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(On the contrary, Calgary loves its Flames.)

Food frustration

Have any of you gone into your local food store to shop for your family? Ice cream is now over $8 when just a month ago the same product was for sale for under $4. Just the bare necessities now cost 10 times as much as it did four months ago. It is cheaper to eat at a fast food restaurant than it is to buy healthy food at a local food store. Just the other day, McDonald’s gave me a free Big Mac meal for 14000 points. There is something wrong with this picture.


(How much did you have to spend to get 14,000 points?)

Peace plea

We have, for many weeks, seen the marches either for Israelis or for Palestinians. In many interviews, both want peace. If you truly want peace on both sides, why aren’t you marching together arm in arm?


(Peace may mean different things to both sides.)

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