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Rough patch

Steven Guilbeault has had a rough go of it the last couple weeks. The beleaguered environment minister was still in denial, over the Supreme Court ruling that the Impact Assessment Act (formerly Bill C-69) is largely unconstitutional, and seen as federal government overreach of into provincial jurisdiction, when the other shoe dropped. At the big news conference the other day, while surrounded by Atlantic Liberal MPs, the prime minister announced, “We’re doubling down on our fight against climate change” by pausing the carbon tax on home heating oil for three years. Now, for the environment minister to not only be absent from such a monumental climate announcement, but to also be publicly called out by other Liberal climate disciples, does not bode well for Montreal’s “Green Jesus.” Can his political crucifixion be far behind?

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(Yes, Guilbeault has certainly had better days.)

Shame on you

I’ve been a martial artist all of my adult life. The last time I hit someone for real was over 44 years ago. A gang of punks was hassling a young woman. My actions were a last resort to keep her safe. As much as karate taught me to defend myself, it also taught me self-control and how to figure out safe solutions to my problems. I raised four kids as a single parent, ran a business through recessions, family deaths and COVID, without once getting up in the morning thinking, ‘I have to hit, shoot, stab or bomb someone today.’ Now, everyone’s answer to the slightest aberration is violence. Kill the person whose politics are different, invade that country which was yours 2,000 years ago or beat up a classmate because it makes you feel big. Shame on you for acting like that! It’s OK if you think differently than someone else. It’s OK if someone dresses or worships in a manner unlike yours. Look after your own space instead of obsessing about others and you will see it has a positive ripple effect. Live and let live. Let go of the old stuff. It’s time for everyone, of every race, religion and political bent, to chill out and behave.


(What is happening these days is just sickening. When did it become acceptable to target one group in our community?)

I want my CPP

One would think with the way the UCP is spending taxpayers’ dollars to push their APP program propaganda that it was actually their money. Well if their APP is such a grand idea, I am sure they won’t miss me if I decide not to participate in it and stick with my guaranteed CPP instead.


(You may not be the only one, but we’ll see how far this whole exercise goes.)

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