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Re: Leong: Can Calgary Afford To Keep The Lights On?

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One can only chalk it up as to one of the several consequences of voting in a primary, spend-thrift Liberal civic government. The two attributes of such a government are they have absolutely no concepts on fiscal restraint or responsibility plus absolutely no accountability safety nets in place.

(Council needs to prioritize keeping Calgarians safe.)

Booze tax creates a vicious circle

So I hear that Justin Trudeau has come up with yet another way to generate more revenue for his hair-brain schemes. He plans to increase the federal excise tax on alcohol in 2024. And the sheer brilliance of it leaves me awed. With the daily cost of living heading into the stratosphere, it seems reasonable that more Canadians will turn to drink to numb themselves to the ongoing actions of a PM who has clearly lost touch with reality and the financial plight facing many of us on a daily basis. Hence the more booze we buy, the more taxes are generated. And the longer he and his delusional party hang around, the more we are likely to be driven to drink. Ka-ching. Ka-Ching. Kinda makes my head spin. I think I need a drink.

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(Sin taxes are such an easy way to fund more of his antics.)

Unacceptable statements

Re: Sarah Jama, Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament’s comments on Gaza. 

If this woman is intentionally ignoring the facts about the Hamas attacks on Israeli people and constantly spewing hate filled rhetoric against Jewish people why do we as taxpayers have to keep paying her salary? She is intentionally ignoring her sworn duty to represent all her constituents. If there is no law to recall such a politician then now is the time to make one!! Her actions are disgusting and shameful! 


(Condoning violence should never be acceptable.)

Better plan than Trudeau’s

With a background in global policy and real estate, I view the Trudeau government’s plan to regulate short-term rentals as overly restrictive. This policy potentially encroaches upon homeowners’ rights, setting a concerning precedent. While the crisis demands solutions, heavy-handed regulation hampers the market’s vitality. Canada should instead explore strategies like incentivizing long-term rentals which could offer a balanced solution, respecting property rights while addressing shortages.


(Wouldn’t it be nice if we were consulted before such policies were created?)

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