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To the person who wrote that the Calgary Flames have no experience, you are totally wrong. They are a professional hockey team. This past summer Calgary hired Craig Conroy as their new general manager plus they also hired Ryan Huska to be the head coach. The players have to get used to a new head coach. Once the players are used to the head coach and his new system they will do fine. Right now they are 5 wins, 8 loses and 2 ties. They are doing better than the team up north is doing. If you don’t like what the Calgary Flames are doing, why don’t you go up to Edmonton and cheer for the Edmonton Oilers if you think that they are a better team than the Calgary Flames are. GO FLAMES GO!

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(Every game counts, whether or not you know the coach.)

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Trudeau’s ruining Canada

The Centre for Newcomers does a great job helping troubled teens, in particular newcomers to the country. The Feds withdrew $4 million of support for this program, causing 60 people to lose jobs. Gang members and drug dealers roam free because of lax, rotating-door justice systems. Feds intend to allow rampant immigration numbers over the next few years. Federal overspending and taxation is driving the country to poverty. I think this problem will worsen thanks to JTs policies.


(He caused the problem, but we could elect someone to fix it.)

Pass by earth

Today mankind searches the universe hoping to find life on other planets. If some are capable of travelling space I wonder if they’d visit an earth that’s constantly at war? A planet where millions of people eagerly accept outlandish lies and disparaging words from a narcissist political leader needing to be constantly praised, loves dictators while being void of moral virtue and common decency with no respect for the law. I think they’d pass-by seeing the possible future of the USA’s once strong democracy!


(Maybe they’d drop in to visit the rest of the planet.)

Not so fast

The Alberta NDP Party is now considering changing their name to distance themselves from Singh’s  federal NDP and appeal to more voters.  Do they really believe that Albertans are that easily fooled? 


(Only time will tell.)

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